Authentic Networking: Feel Genuine when Growing Your Circle

Networking. Many people are stressed, bored, or overwhelmed even by the idea of networking. To start, many people believe networking is all about business. They imagine networking as a meeting you go to, pitch yourself, and pass out your business…

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Why Aren’t They Listening to Me?!

"I have a plan, know what to do, and if they'd just trust me we'd be so much further along!" Does that sound familiar... and frustrating?! You're an experienced leader. Direct, decisive, and knowledgeable. You’ve got enormous pressure to perform for…

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Leadership and Parenting: Top 5 Things Parent-Leaders Do

Photo Credit: Alexander Dummer, Morning Chaos The smell of freshly made coffee is what I wake up to each day at 6 a.m. I bury my head deep into the pillows with my eyes shut tight for the last 5 minutes of serenity before the chaos…

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Is Your Life as Organized as Your Closet?

Photo Credit: Shanna Camilleri, COULD YOUR CLOSET ORGANIZATION BE A METAPHOR FOR YOUR LIFE?  When you organize yourself, what should you keep, throw away, or celebrate? Who you are is all around you. Some people think it can even be…

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Dare To Dream: Transform Your Thinking and Change Your Life!

Photo Credit: Benjamin Davies, Dare to Dream Now's the time! Release the shackles holding you to ordinary, to the “shoulds” weighing you down. Transform your world. What are your dreams? What will you be able to accomplish once you…

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In Texas They Say, “How’s That Workin’ For Y’All?”

Photo Credit: Martin Robles, What's in a Question? I remember seeing Dr. Phil when Oprah first introduced him to her show. To me, he was this big, bald guy with a thick Texan accent. He seemed smart and amusing and always got a good…

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How’s the Balance Between the Work You Love and the Ones You Love?

Photo Credit: Dawid Sobolewski, Work-Life Balance in the New Year YOU JUST GOT A PROMOTION AND A RAISE! WILL YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT AT HOME? Does any of this sound familiar? Abigail was proud that she could balance the administrative…

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Lead Yourself to Health

Lead Yourself to a Healthier Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Blubel, “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.” Erica Jong Lead Yourself to a Healthier Lifestyle Let’s admit it, we know that we have changes we’d like to make…

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Simple Goal-Setting With Clear Communication and the 5-Year Snap!

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba, THE FIVE-YEAR SNAP What will your New Year's business goals do to change your life? It was the day for setting the annual goals. Abigail had been doing a good job as the director of a shelter for homeless…

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