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Simple Goal-Setting With Clear Communication and the 5-Year Snap!

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba, THE FIVE-YEAR SNAP What will your New Year's business goals do to change your life? It was the day for setting the annual goals. Abigail had been doing a good job as the director of a shelter for homeless…

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LCR Networks — Entrepreneur 101: 2018 Premiere with Coach Russ Terry & guest Carla Friday

This month’s guest is Carla Friday. She’s the Founder of Details Made Simple, a Day of Wedding Coordinator service that provides complete wedding day management services for NJ, NY, Philly & DC Metro Area and helps brides on the wedding planning…

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Full Episode: Before I Let Go. And 2018.

Episode 53 “BEFORE I LET GO. AND 2018.” Things to let go of in the new year. No new 2018 resolutions until February. An UNsettling 2017 Christmas flashback. Plus 2018 predictions. Let's get personal about the news and the culture.…

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Divine Purpose Insights with Laura Moliter

DPI037 — Stop Comparing

This podcast has some reminders for staying focused on your own progress and not compare your journey with others.

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Avoiding the “Where Do I Begin?” to Creating a Worthy Masterpiece

Photo Credit: Álvaro Serrano, I was just a little girl with big dreams. I remember the first time I saw Julie Andrews on the silver screen in the musical The Sound of Music like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday matinee. The day was…

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Sail Towards Your Goals

Photo Credit: Jonathan Smith, Recently, a metaphor came to mind while working through goals. The metaphor, you ask? A ship sailing in the ocean. I know, you've heard this one before. But there are a few points of view that you may not…

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2 Essential Elements for Greater Success

Photo Credit: Nghia Le, There are many essential elements that go into creating success in life. Many of them involve outer activities like goal-setting, time-management, and achievement. Culturally, external factors like these are seen…

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Reality Check: Do We Have To “Choose” Happiness To Be… Happy?

Photo Credit: Brevitē, This article is part of a special in-depth series on happiness entitled, “Between The Theory And The Reality Of Happiness.” How Basic is Basic Needs? It was 11:00 pm on a Sunday when I landed. As we made our way…

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Change The Way You See Yourself to Change the Way You See the World

Photo Credit: Brooke Lark, How do you change your self-perception - the way you see yourself? Have you ever planned a project, intending for it to be perfect, then realized you needed more love or support? Somehow, you skipped a step…

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Boost Writing Results While Celebrating Serious Playtime

Photo Credit: Zachary Nelson, Randy Pausch, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University once said, “Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.” The act of experiencing fun lightens our hearts and it's beneficial to our minds.…

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