Alice Schoonbroodt

Personal Coach, Career Coach, Transition Coach

Life is too short to settle for fine.


With more than 10 years experience in academia as a Professor of Economics, I know what it’s like to be self-disciplined, have all the analytical, writing and public speaking skills one may dream of and, yet, ending up with an empty cup in the process. I also know what it’s like to refill that cup and engage in every activity with a sense of purpose again. Many doors opened themselves up to me once I regained that upbeat, energetic and positive attitude from the core.  

How I can help

You have spent a lifetime investing in your - objectively speaking - successful career but the outcomes seem to be stagnating, falling short of expectations or driving you down a path that’s ultimately not fulfilling. As your coach, I partner with you to ditch frustration, reenergize your passion and set you on a delightful path of genuine prosperity!

Who I work with



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