Gregory Nesmith

Leadership Development Coach

“UNderdogs, can’t nobody do it like you do it. NOBODY!” -G.N.


Gregory Nesmith. Entrepreneur. Founder & CEO of UNderdogStuff®. Content Creator. Consultant & Coach. Political Commentator. Activist. Spreading Special Stuff. Creator and host of "The Gregory Nesmith Show" - Let's get personal about the news and the culture. Author of the "UNderdogStuff® Writes" article series. UNderdogStuff® is a consulting, coaching, and community company. BUSINESS CONSULTING: Working with entrepreneurs and startups to reset their company culture and their business results. LEADERSHIP COACHING: Helping individuals and groups rediscover what they want and figuring out what has been getting in the way. COMMUNITY PROGRAMMING: Creating content to Inform and inspire UNderdogs. Special projects coming soon in politics, real estate investing, and community organizing.

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UNderdogStuff® is a consulting, coaching, and community company. Helping UNderdogs (individuals, groups, and startups) rediscover how special they are in the world. Supporting their journey of going from stuck to UNstuck to growth. UNderdogStuff® - Rediscover Your Special.

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