Istari Paidhrin-Wales

Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Personal Coach

Step into the power of choice....fearlessly love life.


I am a highly intuitive and creative coach, partner and student of life. My personal experiences, combined with my studies in psychology, coaching, nutrition, and yoga, provide me with a unique and fluid perspective on the relationships we choose and the purpose we seek. My coaching practice best serves those who desire to break through barriers and craft new habits and decision-making processes that allow them to step intentionally and courageously towards being fearlessly in love with life. I follow the belief that the biggest thing holding us back from what we really want is that we are making decisions for our futures based on a version of ourselves that no longer exists. I love to co-create with my clients and help them step into the power of choice.

How I can help

Imagine a life in which you wake up each day excited to see what comes your way! I will help you find new clarity about what you really want and why it is important to you, support you in developing the confidence to declare to the world what you want at your core, cheer you on as you take the steps necessary to bring your dreams to life, and support you in feeling successful all along the way!

Who I work with

Those seeking the personal power to create a passionate life.


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Portland, Oregon, US


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