Karyn Grant

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Coach

Energizing Successful Leaders to Make Bold Changes for Breakthrough Results


A leader in her own right, BreakAway Leadership Coaching President Karyn Grant has delivered outstanding business results for over 30 years. Karyn’s success is based on her belief that exceptional achievement comes through inspired leadership, strategic risk taking and empowered teams. As a Leadership Coach, Karyn works with select, highly motivated, successful executives who want to drive breakthrough business outcomes.

How I can help

Inspired Leadership is simple but not easy. You are already successful. What could you accomplish if you made bold changes with the help of a masterful coach? If you are ready to work hard to transform your leadership to take on new challenges, new teams, new breakthroughs, I want to work by your side. I have worked with leaders in large corporations and entrepreneurial ventures to create dramatic business results. Together we’ll catalyze a transformation. Miracles result.

Who I work with

Highly motivated, successful leaders ready to achieve greatness.

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