Matt Mills

Career Coach, Personal Coach, Life Coach


Matt Mills (ACC, M.A., CPC, ELI-MP) is the founder of MCM Coaching, working with emerging professionals and leaders looking for clarity, guidance and support with moving forward in their career pathways. With years of experience working with young professionals building their careers, Matt is a highly skilled coach with knowledge, experience, and a passion for helping early to mid-level professionals "move past entry level" and reach the next step in their careers.

How I can help

Clients who work with me are early to mid-level professionals who are experiencing obstacles in moving forward in their careers and ready to move to the next stage of their professional life. Working with me as a coach, clients will identify their values and goals, and create a concrete plan to achieve so they can experience less stress, and bring more clarity, fulfillment and purpose in their careers.

Who I work with

Emerging Professionals and Leaders


​"Our work helped give me focus and a clearer understanding of my personal career objectives, values, and overall purpose. I learned how to better communicate all of this, which significantly improved my job interviewing... I now feel more self-aware and insightful about my future goals and plans. Since I’ve now found a job I very much enjoy, I can certainly say [Matt] helped me achieve landing a job I love and with a new found appreciation for it."

- Laura C.

​"I was able to define the values that are important to me, which allowed me to apply those values to potential job opportunities. I learned that I could get out of my head to allow greater insight into what I wanted out of my next career."

- Debbie P.

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