Tommy Acierno

Leadership Development Coach, Corporate Coach, Life Coach

Using the power of NOW, we UNLEASH your highest self.


Tommy Acierno has over 15 years experience in software industry with companies like Trimble and Google as a individual contributor, manager, mentor, and coach. He creates powerful partnerships with those who know - deep down - that they are capable of effortless joy and fearlessness by CREATING their authentic life.

How I can help

Imagine, if you will, a life that was made of happiness and joy because of quality of engagement that's effortlessly poured into each moment. Imagine a person who deeply explored WHO they are with focused curiosity yet also radiated fun and peace because they approached life like a game. Imagine YOUR highest self - all the qualities, experiences, values, and beliefs. THAT's our target. That's our goal. We create a custom-fit partnership that explores the life you want to create, why that's important to you, and the ACTIONs required to make it happen.

Who I work with

Committed, flexible, honest, vulnerable, and action-oriented people.


"It's a powerful thing to trust in someone to the extent that I'm willing to share things about my own perceived weaknesses, etc. But being able to talk through challenges and have not just a sounding board, but a wise, prescient, non-judgemental, open, honest, and caring guide to be there to help work through ideas is incredibly valuable for me."

- Daniel M.

"Tommy's calm and kind demeanor make it easy to talk through stressful and sensitive topics while creating actionable and thoughtful solutions and goals...When I started, I felt much more discombobulated overall and having a difficult time managing stress - which in result was affecting my whole self. Since participating in coaching, I have seen a huge benefit to how I approach and think about things at work, but also seen it bleed over into my personal life in a positive way."

- Kristy M.

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