MW059 — Fear Specialist and Former Extreme Athlete, Kristen Ulmer: The Art of Fear

You’re about to make a speech in the next few minutes and you’re getting anxious, looking at the exits as the clock ticks – FEAR. That annoying feeling that captures your confidence and makes you second-guess every decision you make. And while fear is linked to the cause of strained relationships, underperformance, and burnout, Kristen Ulmer, thought leader, fear specialist and former professional extreme athlete, can reassure you that making fear your friend is the greatest resource you need to obtaining clarity, motivation and focus in your life.

Kristen, once named the world’s best woman extreme skier for 12 consecutive years, and voted the North American Most Extreme Woman Athlete in all disciplines, spent her lifetime facing fear. Since that time she’s recognized the deepness and understanding we all connect to fear and now seeks to end our humanity-wide war against it– allowing us the greatest chance to achieve our whole mind potential. Kristen’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, NPR, More, Outside, USA Today and others, and she just released her new book The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do, available nationwide.

Fear exists in our everyday lives. Let’s change our conversation with it and allow it to steer us towards our meaningful way.

Key takeaways:

Fear’s common symptoms. When you’re dreading something, it’s universal to do everything you can to try and desperately forget about it, let it go, or avoid it. Not sure if you’ve been dodging a fear? Here’s a handful of symptoms to LOOK OUT for…[06:01].

Fear’s your new friend. Nurturing a relationship with fear is a two-step process. First, you have to recognize your pattern with it. Second, you have to repair your relationship with fear. It might be simpler than you think. Try this one EXERCISE to truly befriend fear…[10:39].

Fear’s not permanent. It’s scientifically proven that fear and all its associated chemical and adrenaline levels stay with you for only 10 to 90 seconds. After that -POOF! – it’s over. The next time you feel frightened, give THIS a try…[14:42].

Fear’s four stages. Talking about your fear isn’t going to make it go away, you have to feel it. And once you welcome it in, you won’t have to work so hard at letting it go. Ready to start? Get through these FOUR stages and feel almost instantly revived–like MAGIC! — as your fear disappears… [29:52].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! 

Meet the host, Luke Iorio
All you really need to know is this: Luke Iorio is a dad, a spouse, an entrepreneur, a conscious growth strategist, coach, blogger, podcaster, a wide-angled observer, and enthusiastic participant in the game of life who seeks to ask and answer, “What’s truly possible?”
So where does that all come from? Well, for that we need to answer this: How does a shy kid from the suburbs of New Jersey grow up to become a conscious strategist, sought-after coach and speaker, and disrupter of life’s “good enough” status quo?
In a nutshell, Luke intentionally pushed through some of his most palpable moments, or what he calls inflection points. These moments included standing on stage, gripping a microphone, and getting totally out of his comfort zone. This repeated intention to “choose different” has catapulted Luke toward stellar success.
So, what happens AFTER you choose…when you start to take meaningful action? That’s when an inflection point becomes an open road — a pathway to living your intended purpose.
Luke’s path looks something like this…he became President of The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching at age 32, and has since graduated more than 11,000 coaches, leaders, athletes, and professionals across 44 countries, all of whom share his vision and desire for expanding our human potential and creating lasting, conscious change.
You could say Luke’s manifesto reads something like an everyday philosopher and spirited entrepreneur having been inspired early on by the likes of Napoleon Hill and Og Mandino. Nowadays, his intrinsic curiosity and wisdom is paying off as a media personality quoted on The Huffington Post, Fox Business, and Next Avenue, and most recently taking to the airwaves to entertain life’s pivotal questions with the help of celebrated thought leaders, mentors, and everyday unsung heroes.

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