MW067 — Social Entrepreneur and Co-Creator of Giveback Homes, Caroline Pinal: Doing Well by Doing Good

How fulfilling is your work life? There’s a movement that’s been growing for quite some time called social entrepreneurship; businesses that are created with the intent of providing social good. Think: TOMS shoes – with every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. Listen in as Caroline Pinal, former employee at TOMS, co-creator of Giveback Homes, and social entrepreneur, shares her insight on how to move forward with an idea even when others poke holes in it simply because they don’t understand what you’re working on.

Caroline’s had an adventurous and experienced career path. Born and raised in the Mojave Desert, she studied Journalism at Cal State Long Beach, and worked at both Fox News and The Walt Disney Company prior to TOMS. During her time at TOMS, she worked alongside Giveback Homes Founder, Blake Andrews and together they formed a company to empower real estate agents to turn their everyday business into an opportunity for social change.  Caroline and her team deliver innovation and impact to their network of like-minded agents– which are the driving force behind the movement– to provide safe homes for families throughout the world.

Doing well by doing good’s the theme of this episode. Be inspired in joining the social good movement!

Key Takeaways:

Igniting your passion. When starting a career, either in college or on a different path, so many of us strive to find a good job with a good company that makes a good paycheck AND makes our parents proud. But how do you find that place that SPARKS your interest right from the start—but also does ALL that? Try this…[2:28].

Joining the movement. You’ve been meaning to do something to give back and haven’t found the time. With all these social entrepreneurships popping up, how do you fit in? First things first, it DOESN’T require experience but it does take this ONE thing to be part of a movement…[12:03].

Starting something new. Many of us are drawn to this idea of creating a business that can be used for social good or social impact, but get lost in finding where to begin. Listen up! Caroline offers her BEST advice for any newbie just starting out…[21:22].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! 

Meet the host, Luke Iorio
All you really need to know is this: Luke Iorio is a dad, a spouse, an entrepreneur, a conscious growth strategist, coach, blogger, podcaster, a wide-angled observer, and enthusiastic participant in the game of life who seeks to ask and answer, “What’s truly possible?”
So where does that all come from? Well, for that we need to answer this: How does a shy kid from the suburbs of New Jersey grow up to become a conscious strategist, sought-after coach and speaker, and disrupter of life’s “good enough” status quo?
In a nutshell, Luke intentionally pushed through some of his most palpable moments, or what he calls inflection points. These moments included standing on stage, gripping a microphone, and getting totally out of his comfort zone. This repeated intention to “choose different” has catapulted Luke toward stellar success.
So, what happens AFTER you choose…when you start to take meaningful action? That’s when an inflection point becomes an open road — a pathway to living your intended purpose.
Luke’s path looks something like this…he became President of The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching at age 32, and has since graduated more than 11,000 coaches, leaders, athletes, and professionals across 44 countries, all of whom share his vision and desire for expanding our human potential and creating lasting, conscious change.
You could say Luke’s manifesto reads something like an everyday philosopher and spirited entrepreneur having been inspired early on by the likes of Napoleon Hill and Og Mandino. Nowadays, his intrinsic curiosity and wisdom is paying off as a media personality quoted on The Huffington Post, Fox Business, and Next Avenue, and most recently taking to the airwaves to entertain life’s pivotal questions with the help of celebrated thought leaders, mentors, and everyday unsung heroes.

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