In this weekly podcast, Divine Purpose Coach Laura Moliter shares experiences, wisdom, and insights to help guide individuals in discovering their true purpose. She zeros in on areas where we may be limiting our potential and amplifies perspectives that can help bring people closer to finding their most genuine life and one that has a real positive impact in the world as well.

Insights on trust and our right to it
DPI17 — Overcoming Discouragement and Disappointment
DPI16 — Replacing Self-Doubt with Conscious Self-Worth
DPI15 — How to be a Better Leader
DPI14 –The Power of Receptivity and Willingness
DPI13 — Shedding the Skin of Victim, Putting on the Crown of Victory
DPI12 — Discover Opportunity in Challenges
DPI011: Declare Your Independence — The Choice for Freedom
DPI010 — Changing Fear of Life to Zest for Life!
DPI009 — Cultivating Mindfulness, Changing the World
DPI008 — Discovering Purpose Through Moments of Awe
DPI007 — Practicing Patience with Grace
DPI006 — Why Your Journey Matters
DPI005 — 10 Steps to a Meaningful Life
DPI004 — The Presence of Prosperity

I’m Laura Moliter, Divine Purpose Coach and Spiritual Activist. I will advocate relentlessly for your living joy, your aligned success, your conscious acceptance of your worth, your purpose, and your right to be yourself in the world and to thrive by doing so.

I’ve walked many paths in my life, and reinvention, change, awakening, renewal, revival, fresh views and opportunities, make me tingle with delight. the best choices I’ve ever made in my life are the ones that came from my soul and not from human opinion, judgment, or justification. I know how to listen, pray, and hear God’s voice guiding me. It’s the only way to not only achieve true success, but to feel at peace with oneself and one’s place in the world.

I am the author of spiritual guidebook, a poet, and a regular blogger. I am a singer. I am a healer. I am a motivational speaker. I am an ex-journalist. I am a Spiritual Activist who struggles with the picture the world presents and expects, demands, to see better. I am the founder of One World Watch, an initiative to lift the darkness of earth through a conscious awareness and connection with the Divine—with Love. I am, most of all, just like you. I want a life that has meaning and majesty, and I won’t rest until I find it. I won’t settle for less than joy and neither should you! Find out more at

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