Inflection Point

Join Luke Iorio, President of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and host of Inflection Point, as he interviews experts, incredibly successful individuals in business and life, as well as everyday people who are figuring it out for themselves, all with one intention in mind: to help our listeners create their Inflection Point.

EP022 — The Feel Good Guidess, Sue Urda: Messy Journey, Happy Life
EP021 — Visual Artist & Photographer, Chris Burkard: Looking At Life Through A New Lens
EP020 — Dynamic Duo, Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell: Creating Extraordinary Relationships
EP019 — Happiness Researcher, Emma Seppala: Get On The Happiness Fast Track
EP18 — Podcast Host & Entrepreneur, John Lee Dumas: Finding Freedom In Your Goals
EP017 — Parenting & Relationship Expert, Dr. John Duffy: Being Available To Yourself
EP016 — Author And Speaker, Howard Martin: Listen To Your Heart
EP015 — Strategist and Storyteller, Robin Fisher Roffer: Discovering Brand YOU
EP014 — Networking Expert, Dr. Ivan Misner: Passion, Connection & Reinvention
EP013 — Self-Improvement Expert, Derek Rydall: Get Unstuck & Live Your Purpose
EP012 — Revolutionist, Mom, and Author, Jacqueline von Edelberg: Remaking Education
EP011 — The Coming Out Coach, Rick Clemons: The Courage To Be You
EP010 — Renowned Virtual Presenter & Trainer, Alex Mandossian: A Message to Millions
EP009 — Teamability Expert, Dr. Janice Presser

Meet the host, Luke Iorio

How did a shy kid from the suburbs of New Jersey grow up to become a conscious strategist, sought-after speaker, and disrupter of life’s “good enough” status quo?

In a nutshell, Luke intentionally pushed through some of his most palpable moments, or what he calls, Inflection Points. These moments included standing on stage, gripping a microphone, and getting totally out of his comfort zone. This repeated intention to “choose different” has catapulted Luke toward stellar success. He became President of The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching at age 32, and has since graduated more than 11,000 coaches, leaders, athletes, and professionals across 44 countries, all of whom share his vision and desire for expanding our human potential and creating lasting, conscious change.

You could say Luke’s manifesto reads something like an everyday philosopher and spirited entrepreneur having been inspired early on by the likes of Napoleon Hill and Og Mandino. Nowadays, his intrinsic curiosity and wisdom is paying off as a media personality quoted on The Huffington Post, Fox Business, and Next Avenue, and most recently taking to the airwaves to entertain life’s pivotal questions with the help of celebrated thought leaders, mentors, and everyday unsung heroes. Live, lead, and play “full out” with Luke as he explores how the smallest of moments lead to the greatest shifts in our level of happiness, freedom, and fulfillment, on Inflection Point.

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