Contemplating our generation.
Presented by Riding Tides Life Coaching, this podcast explores life mastery for Generation X and beyond. Come with me and uncover your awesomeness.
New episodes released Mondays and maybe other days, cuz I don’t do rules.
PS. Adult language likely

Stanza 6 the invitation – the world is made of stories
Awake After 40 intro
Intensity vs intimacy
Invitation stanzas 3-5 part 2
Invitation stanzas 3 to 5 part 1
Invitation exploration second stanza
Invitation Exploration first stanza
Post Harvey meditation #3 loving kindness
Post Harvey meditation #2
Post Harvey meditation for grounding
The Invitation – A Life After 40 Anthem?
Life After 40
Meditation Practice
Complaining with curiosity

My intention is to help you find clarity and alignment allowing your life to flow with more ease and grace than before. Building peace in a sea of stress can feel challenging. Conquer that challenge by choosing me as your coach to walk with you and transform your internal adversaries into allies.

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