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This is the ultimate show that empowers you to decipher, master and apply the secrets of continuous high performance. If you are THAT Athlete, Executive, Sports Coach, Leader, Business Owner and Entrepreneur who lives for EXCELLENCE, then this show is for you. Together we dig deep into the heart of high performance and the essence of leadership. You will be coached and enabled to double your results systematically and consistently. You will be asked tough questions that will enlighten the path of your journey. You will hear and learn from high performers like you who made their mark where others shied away. This is the core dynamic of your performance.

SWP123 Do You Know How To DOUBLE Your Outcome On Demand?
SWP125 — How to Become a Masterful Failure?
SWP124 — Do You Know How to Master Anything Including your Success?
SWP123 – 2 of 2 Disempowerment — Is It Part of your Daily Practice?
SWP122 — Do You Know How to Get Unstock and Play Big on Demand?
SWP121 – 1 of 2 Disembowelment — Is It Part of your Daily Practice?
SWP120 — What is a Limitation And How to Overcome Any?
SWP119 — Do You Know How to Control Change and Master Systematic Powerful Performance?
SWP118 — Athletes And Business Owners – What Type of a High Performer Are You?
SWP117 — Dedication vs. Passion – Which Serves You Best?
SWP116 — 2 of 2 – Do You Know How to Create Daily Powerful Performance?
SWP115 — 1 of 2 – Do You Know How to Create Daily Powerful Performance?
SWP114 — Secrets of Powerful Team Building – The How and The What
SWP113 — Enstein Said So, Will You Listen?
SWP112 — 2 of 2 – How to Manipulate your Consciousness to Achieve Powerful Performance

So who is your host?

Saber was taught at young age that “The man who is not eager to climb mountains will spend his life between fox holes©. Athletic competitions and life challenges taught him creativity in finding opportunities in every failure. Mastering the secret to pinnacle performance has been his lifelong passion, thus he spent over 20 years leaning and practicing its techniques. He is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). He is a certified Energy leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and COR.E Performance Dynamic Specialist (CPD). He is a student of Jack Canfield and a certified trainer in the Success Principles. As an Engineer, he held leadership positions and managed high visibility programs in the private and public sectors. Saber empowers individuals and businesses, through his books, workshops and seminars, how to create reality and live their destiny. He is the founder of Saberwaves Coaching International and an advocate of pinnacle performance in all life aspects.

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