In each podcast episode Andy interviews a guest living their optimal life.  Together, we discuss strategy, learn from real life examples and get practical tips on how to be The Optimal U.

Matt Ruscigno
Matt Ruscigno
Matt Ruscigno
The Optimal U podcast ep 03 Greg Woodhill
The Optimal U podcast ep 03 Greg Woodhill – Are you addicted to Porn
The Optimal U podcast ep 02 Eddie Cahill
The Optimal U Podcast Ep 01 Nicola Kraus

Hi there!  I am a certified professional life coach, speaker and host of The Optimal U Podcast. I coach and teach men all around the world how to break out of mediocre lives and create the careers and relationships they really want. My coaching philosophy is simple:  get focused on what really matters and do what makes a difference.

My coaching will give you: The CONFIDENCE to face any challenge. The COURAGE to move forward. An ENERGIZING strategic plan for success. The power of HOPE to clear the stress & never give up on continually building that brighter future.

Prior to coaching, I spent over ten years as the owner of a successful entertainment production company.   

During my free time you’ll find me building my tiny house, connecting with friends and smiling…always smiling.

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