‘The GREGORY NESMITH Show’ – A Special Delivery Of UNderdogStuff™ podcast is recorded live Midnight to 2am every Tuesday on WHCR 90.3 FM NYC and Facebook Live (www.fb.com/GregoryNesmith). Host: Gregory Nesmith – Entrepreneur, Leadership & Life Coach, and On-Air Personality. Producers: Asha Davis and Kirsten Magwood

Covering, commentating, and coaching the Un..’s (The UNderrated, The UNavoidable, The UNjust, The UNbelievable, The UNconventional and more) UNderdogStuff™.

Topics inspired by politics, pop culture, and our personal lives. As well as on the spot, after midnight coaching for UNderdogs that can’t sleep because something is on their mind.

Likes Or What Is Right?
UNderdogStuff — Entrepreneur Life: Past, Present, and Future (REBROADCAST)
UNderdogStuff 045 — UNscripted: Year 2 of Entrepreneur Life
UNderdogStuff 044 — Show. Me. The. Money.
UNderdogStuff — UNjust OR Just Right: Hush Money and NFL Protest? (Clipped from Episode 44)
UNderdogStuff — Are You Kidding Me?! (Part 2) (Clipped from Episode 43)
UNderdogStuff 043 — Are You Kidding Me?! (Part 1)
UNderdogStuff Special Guest Podcast — “Overtime Sports Talk Show w/ AJ”
UNderdogStuff — Matters of the (Kevin) Hart. (Clipped from Episode 42)
UNderdogStuff 042 — Flag On The Play.
UNderdogStuff — Are You Sure About That?? (Part 2) (Clipped from Episode 41)
UNderdogStuff 041 — Are You Sure About That?? (Part 1)
UNderdogStuff — Get Your People! (Part 2) (Clipped from Episode 40)
UnderdogStuff 040 — Get Your People! (Part 1)
UNderdogStuff After Show: New C.E.L.L. Phone Ritual. (Clipped from Episode 39)

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