I’m a fairly new coach entering into my second full year as a certified professional.

In the past 18 months, I realized a few things about myself, my clients, my potential clients and the public at large, and one of them is: Money is a touchy subject.

Ah, money.  We want more of it. We don’t want to let it go. We think ours is worth more to us than yours is to you. Here’s the kicker: Money can be either an exchange of energy or simply a tool. 

I barter money for goods, services, and time. Money is a tool to help make my life easier and more convenient. So, what makes people believe that they should receive services and time for free? The answer is probably the opposite of what you believe.

People want something for free, not because they think they’re worth it, but because they think they aren’t.  Let me say that again.


I’m going to let that sink in for a bit…

As a life coach, the LAST thing I want is for my clients to feel they’re not worth the investment. Having said that, we’re onto the first reason you do not want me to coach you pro bono.

1.  When a client is ready to retain a coach and pay for it, they’re saying:


Both of those declarations coupled with the financial investment add up to dramatic results!

2.  Because you are investing in yourself regularly, you have a steady reminder of your choices, progress, and development. This gives you a great opportunity to evaluate and calibrate your results frequently. By having some “skin in the game”, you’re more motivated to deliver change and maximize your time in doing so.

3. If you’re working with a coach who does a LOT of pro bono work, it’s possible that he/she is struggling with their OWN VALUE. And as a result, that coach’s energy and time may be spread very thin. Therefore, you may not be receiving the greatest benefit from their overworked coaching log.

4. Initially, retaining a coach can seem like a huge financial investment. However, in time, you will notice a steady improvement in your health, happiness, and choices, both emotionally AND financially. Does Retail Therapy ring any bells? How many times have you blown through a couple hundred dollars after a stressful week? How much money have you spent on massages trying to get the knots out of your neck?

And last, but certainly not least:

5. Coaching is a highly personalized one-on-one service that delivers invaluable self-knowledge and a powerful, transformational journey that ENDURES.

Have you ever spent thousands of dollars on a vacation that was intended to alleviate all of your current worries and stress and reset your attitude for the better…only to return home to face the same old worries and stress and now the bill from said vacation? Yeah, me too.

In the end, collaborating with a coach is not the same as sitting down with your best friend over coffee while you vent about the in-laws. THAT I will do for free with my buddies.

If you want powerful results, life-changing “a-ha” moments, and transformative conversations, and a dynamic, goal setting accountability partner… make your investment really count.

This is your time, your resources… let’s go!

I received my CPC, ELI-MP and ACC in 2016, specializing in Transition. During my certification process, a fellow coaching candidate and I created a workshop series called Intentional Edge.  Our endeavor focuses on helping teens navigate the brief period in their lives that is full of major transitions, big decisions and accompanying anxiety. Since that initial workshop, the focus has blossomed into a whole series of programs dedicated to teens’, parents’ and families’ issues that surface during this time.

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